This article appeared in the October sixth, 1998 issue of the East Cyberian Red Reporter. It was the first major recognition of the Aerican Empire by the news of another micronation, and was sent to us by several citizens who applied after reading it.

Psychic Reading:
Ken Thacker: Ken Thacker, I see.....I see....yes, its true, in the near future you will succeed in your new quest in West Cyberia, to put a West Cyberian on Mars. It will take hard work and fortitude, but you will do it. TDI will work night and day to build the equipment, racing the evil Commies in East Cyberia. Finally, after spending millions and millions of imaginary Cy, they will do it. By the year 2000. I can see it now, the face of Mars, with....who is's you. The face of Mars, with your person standing atop one of its mountains, proudly, flying the flag of Galatic Capitalism.

Wait....what is THIS!? Its the Aericans...... seems you landed in their territory, watch out, here they come. They're slapping you, hitting you....ouch...., uh oh, watch out for that----gun---- I'm sorry Mr. Thacker, this is a family newspaper, and I just can't go into detail, but I'll tell you this much. The Aerican standing over you is mumbling something about "infringing on his private property." Oh, and something regarding you on the East Cyberain website entitled, 'Poetic Justice'.

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