Imperial Information Desk
Issue 99
New Citizens Welcomed [March 25]
Aerica Welcomes Kate, Keja, Zangretor Trollsbane, Sir Horatio Leopold von Rottenburg, Ian D. Morris, Chris Truex, Incendia Cade, and Kenidarian Lord P. R. Joy, Meliozis, Kine Michelle Madsen, ThisOktipus, Hector, Robert Espinosa, Omotoso Oluwafemi Olu, Primus Maximus, Line Kaasa Johansen, and Jing Li.

Retsaot Island History Online [March 1]
The history of Retsaot Island is now available online. Go here to read it.

Senate Elections Update [March 1]
The Northern Plutopian Senate results have been called into question upon allegations of fraud. IP evidence has demonstrated that two of ther three votes for Paul Leduc were cast by the same individual. The Senate has not yet chosen how it will proceed with this matter, but assuming even one fraudulent vote is negated, the election was a draw and no clear victor was chosen. Until such time as the situation has been resolved, the citizen IDs in question (Andre Brown and Apostrophe) have been suspended.

Video Contest [March 1]
The 2007 Video Contest continues. Visit the Contest and Projects page (or use the handy search bar to the left) for details.

Holidays and Niftydays:

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