Imperial Information Desk
Issue 98
Senate Elections Concluded [February 19]
Paul Leduc has been elected new Senator for Northern Plutopia and RadSquirrel and Scott Summerfield have been elected Senators for Retsaot Island.

New Citizens Welcomed [February 19]
Aerica Welcomes Darth Ghandi, Bob the Great, Frank Q. De La Cheese, Mateo, John Citizen, Stick, Luke Arm, Seth Lloyd, Anne-Laure, Tyler Kvochick, Isotope, Mike Graham, Spodie McCrackin, and Edward Longbottomfellowtingshireton.

Senate Elections Called: [February 2]
Elections to the Senate have been called to fill two empty seats for Retsaot Island and one seat for Northern Plutopia. Retsaot Island citizens may vote for up to two candidates: Scott Summerfield, RadSquirrel, and Adam Gerkhardt. Northern Plutopians may vote for one candidate: Paul Leduc and Joseph Marzullo. Voting shall conclude on Friday, February 16 at 10pm EST, when all citizens have voted, or when a clear majority is reached.

New Diplomatic Contacts [February 2]
The Aerican Empire has extended conditional recognition to The Empire of Iridia.

Video Contest [February 2]
The 2007 Video Contest continues. Visit the Contest and Projects page (or use the handy search bar to the left) for details.

Holidays and Niftydays:

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