Imperial Information Desk
Issue 97
New Citizens Welcomed [January 28]
Aerica Welcomes Logan, Keagan Ciampini, Scott Summerfield, RadSquirrel, Billy Splatts!, Llama Duck, Daniela JPG, Castor Troy, Askari, Pat McManus, Valentino, Adam Gerkhardt, Karloz Motta, Tom, Jorn Erik Jenssen, Ludwig Odman, Christopher Melito, Alvin Koffman, Qaisar Farooq Gondal, Mudasiru Musa Abisodun, Ciara Stanton, Alessa Tancerdi, Jeffrey Keller, Rainer Bonda, Rev. T.L. Swineford, Pipistrello Croce, Josh Groban, Nematoda, Kfknfrp, Pichan, Peter Kabachnik, cstella23, Jimmy, Brian Peppers, ShadowsFalling, Peterdea, Apostrophe, Richie, Arnaud Kempeners, Josh Lewis, Schyschy, Andre Brown, Malcolm F Winter, Yufeng Zhang, Johnjamin McGrigor, Wyatt Hess, William Ryan, Calculator Man, Carlos Kintobor, and Suicune1000.

Senate Elections Called: [January 18]
Elections to the Senate have been called to fill two empty seats for Retsaot Island and one seat for Northern Plutopia. Any number of candidates can be nominated. After the nominations are closed, If there are 2 or fewer nominees, they will be appointed as Retsaot Island Senators. If there are more than 2 nominees, then a vote will be called. All current Retsaot Islanders can vote for up to 2 candidates each. At the end of the vote, the 2 candidates with the most votes will be sworn in as Retsaot Island Senators. If you are not a current resident of Retsaot and are elected a Retsaot Island Senator, your residency will be changed to Retsaot Island. The same procedure as outlined above shall be followed for Northern Plutopia save that only one nominee can become Northern Plutopia Senator. Nominations will last for two weeks.

New Colony Accepted: [January 18]
Retsaot Island was welcomed today as the Empire's eighth colony. The first colony application to be accepted by the Empire in years, Retsaot Island has been greeted with wide acclaim by citizens and government. "We're very excited," said Emperor Lis to reporters. "There's very good reason we've resisted bringing in any new lands for a while, but now seemed like the time. Our numbers are growing, but in addition to that, I think we've found an exciting land with interesting and exciting people. Only time will tell, but I have high hopes." Elections for Senators from Retsaot Island will take place in the near future, as well as updates to Imperial maps and other data.

Diplomatic Updates [January 18]
Having met and doubled the Empire's minimum age requirements for recogniton, the Dominion of British West Florida has been extended full diplomatic recognition by the DFM.

New Article in the Museum [January 13]
An article from the Dandenong Leader has been added to the Museum of Culture and Stuff.

New Diplomatic Contacts [January 13]
The Empire has extended full diplomatic recognition to the Septimontian Republic.

New Contest [January 1]
The government is ringing in the new year with a new contest. Perhaps nothing organizes the people of the Aerican Empire more than books and films, and while getting a book distributed remains as hard as ever, creating and spreading videos has never been easier. The new contest is as follows: create a short film based on the Empire. The film can be of any type -- be it a single person in front of a camera talking or an epic computer-animated science-fiction story. The flim must be under 100MB and less than 10 minutes when complete, and should be uploaded to YouTube where it can be stumbled upon by unsuspecting browsers. The film which earns the most vocal cheers from citizens will be declared the winner, and the individual (or individuals, up to five people) will receive a rare and much-sought e-mail account absolutely free. Contest ends April 1st, 2007.

New Director of Outreach Programs Appointed [January 1]
Rob Gostello has been selected as the first Director of Outreach Programs. Acting on behalf of the Foreign Minister and working with the Minister of Intermicronational Affairs, the Director of Outreach Programs is charged with researching existing states and reaffirming the Empire's extended hand of friendship to its allies.

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