Imperial Information Desk
Issue 91
New Citizens Welcomed [July 24]
Aerica welcomes Saxifrage, Smuel MkDonalin, Kipuka Kormoral, Andrew Fleming, Jake Woodworth, Josh Bucher, and Egor Shakhlevich.

Diplomatic Contacts Severed [July 24]
Concurrent with departing the LoM and SpUM, the Empire has severed contact with the following states, either due to concern that they no longer exist or because of failure on their part to maintain reciprocal links: Baja Arizona, Zarahemla, the Empire of Henosia, Ratelon, Babkha, the Athenian Republic, the Empire of Tyre Tangiere, the Islamic Commonwealth of Salamisa Darul Hidayah, Marajo, Libereco, Denetah, Khaldria, the Federal Republic of Chine, the Empire of the Alexandrians, Joshland, and the Principality of Perejil.

Aerica Leaves The LoM and SpUM [July 24]
On Monday, the 24th of July, 2006, at 11 am EST, the Aerican Empire severed its ties to the LoM and the SpUM. The Empire was one of the first members of the SpUM and was with that organization since September 1998, and had been with the LoM since early September of 2000. Leaving these organizations is a large step for the Empire, as it is tangible proof that, unlike so many states, the Empire has enough internal activity to sustain itself without having to seek validation from other micronations. Tristan Glark, head of the DFM, stated: "we are not closing ties with any states per se, merely with two organizations. They have floundered, and are no longer the fine groups we joined long ago. It is best this way."

New Desktops Available [July 15]
New Aerican Empire desktop wallpapers are now available for download. View them.

New Diplomatic Contacts [July 14]
The Empire has extended full recognition to the Empire of Thrace and conditional recognition to the Kingdom of Playland.

Aerica in the News [July 13]
The Emperor was interviewed live this morning on Daybreak, a morning radio show in his native city of Montreal. A recording an/or transcript from this interview will hopefully be online as soon as possible.

Culling of the Inactive, 2006: [July 1]
In the month of June, the Aerican Empire conducts the Culling of the Inactive, a systematic activity check of all citizens. Prior to the Culling, the Empire's population numbered 62 people. In the wake of the Culling, the Empire's population is now 49. The following individuals have had their citizenship terminated.

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