Imperial Information Desk
Issue 89
New Citizens Welcomed [May 27]
Aerica welcomes Bob Menzies, Jorge Spinelli, Ikenna Chukwudi, Alalafia Temitope, Railfan, and David Leo.

Election [May 22]
Nominations have closed for the empty Northern Plutopia Senate seat. As Jorge Spinelli was the only candidate, he has been appointed to the position.

New Website Launched: [May 8]
To celebrate the Empire's ninteenth anniversary, a brand new exciting layout has been put online. "It's well past time," said Emperor. "The website's been online since 1997 and we never made any real changes to the design since then. It's time that we set aside nostalgia and give the Empire the more impressive and functional design that it deserves. And, for nostalgia's sake, we've kept copies of the site with the old design, so everyone's happy." Although the new website design has been online and operational since May 1st, the site officially reopens on May 8th.

New Ministry Created: [May 1]
The Senate has voted to create a new ministry, the Ministry of Intermicronational Affairs. This ministry's function is to coordinate activities between micronations with the aim of stimulating growth and prosperity. Randy Walker was promptly appointed minister.

Holidays and Niftydays:

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