Imperial Information Desk
Issue 86
Ministry of Silly Things Vacated [February 23]
Imperial citizens from across the colonies mourn the departure of citizen Katie McCormick, taken from the Empire by real life and its countless responsibilities and annoyances. Katie's departure leaves the Ministry of Silly Things 3000 without a minister. The Emperor will be taking on the duties of the ministry until a suitable replacement can be found.

New Citizens Welcomed [February 18]
Aerica welcomes Miles Flatulatus, Grand High Tuktuk of the Eudyptulan Mysteries.

Senate Seats Filled [February 15]
By special election, called by the President of the Senate, empty seats for The Pasture and Verden were filled. Zachary Vance now holds a seat for The Pasture, while Daniel is the new Senator for Verden.

Supreme Court Elected [February 11]
Elections for the new Supreme Court are concluded. The current justices will hold their seats until January 2008. The court consists of Raven, Rachkovsky, Daniel, and Bastoid.

New Diplomatic Contacts: [February 11]
The Empire has extended full diplomatic recognition to the Republic of Mania. Citizen Bastoid has been appointed the first Ambassador to Mania.

Holidays and Niftydays:

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