Imperial Information Desk
Issue 84
New President Elected: [December 26]
The Imperial Senate has elected Randy Walker as new President of the Senate for the new four year term.

New Diplomatic Contacts: [December 20]
The Empire has extended conditonal recognition to British West Florida and full recognition to The Soverign Natopian Empire, Gotzborg, and Riponia.

New Citizens Welcomed [December 14]
Aerica welcomes Jake Stichler, Sir Danus Paddy "The Bard" McEagan, and Andreas-Knut XXVII, Markgraf von Edingen-Neckarhausen.

Elections for Senate: [December 1]
The Senate elections are now finished. The results are as follows.
Michael "Mick" Schmid

Nathan Maron
Randy Walker

Mars Colony
Tristan Glark
Aldric Tinker Toyad von Balje

Northern Plutopia
Hugo Souza Almeida

Lady Ravengirl

The Pasture
Darren Rosetta

Darth Nicolai

Holidays and Niftydays:

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