Imperial Information Desk
Issue 83
New Diplomatic Contacts: [November 19]
The Empire has extended conditonal recognition to Amerianada.

Elections for Senate: [November 16]
Nominations for Senate are now closed. The following candidates are running. Voting will last for approximately 2 weeks and end on or shortly after Wednesday, November 30th. Because we've never had a very good voting system, all citizens should send their votes to the Emperor. If more people were running than seats were available, we would find a way to do this by secret ballot, but under the circumstances, that doesn't seem necessary. If anyone is uncomfortable with one person seeing all the votes, contact the Emperor and other options will be discussed.

Michael "Mick" Schmid, The Mad Medic

Nathan Maron, head of the Aerican Imperial Guard
Randy Walker

Mars Colony
Tristan Glark
Aldric Tinker Toyad von Balje

Northern Plutopia
Hugo Souza Almeida

(Seat empty)

The Pasture
Greg Malivuk
Darren Rosetta

Darth Nicolai

Each citizen may vote once and may only vote for someone in the colony in which they are registered. Voting is *not* mandatory and there are no penalties for not bothering to vote. However, if any candidate fails to receive even a single vote, they won't win their seat, so you had all better vote for your selves at the very least.

On the matter of the two candidateless seats, anyone who wants to can just nominate themselves for one of those at any time, right up until the end of voting.

New Citizens Welcomed [November 11]
Aerica welcomes Zachary Vance.

Holidays and Niftydays:

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