Imperial Information Desk
Issue 8
Language expanded:
Researchers for the Aerican Cultural Institute have, in their constant search for useless cultural things, added the word "Aput" to the Aerican language. The word, taken from the Inuit word meaning "snow" and the root of the other thirty words describing what type of snow it is, is used to convey the idea of negligible difference between several things.

New Colony:
A Cow Pasture, ruled by Alexader the Great, has become the newst colony of the Aerican Empire.

Webring Expansion:
A new micronational alliance has asked to join the Aerican Webring. Although it has nothing to do with the Empire, and we are indeed ineligible to join, they were accepted.

Diplomatic expasion
Aerica has recognized Zarahemla and the Empire of Hesperia

New citizens:
Aerica welcomes Uvon, Zimbok, Sucomandante Cuadros, Kate M., Elric the in-Grown, N.I.C.E., and Alexander the great.

Holidays and Niftydays:

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