Imperial Information Desk
Issue 79
New Citizens Welcomed: [July 23]
Aerica welcomes David Hardwick.

New Diplomatic Contacts: [July 23]
The Empire has extended full recognition to Arlberg and the Principality of Perejil.

Culling of the Inactive, 2005: [July 1]
The Culling of 2005 has ended. The citizenship of the following citizens has been terminated. 20 citizens were culled, and 37 remain. A small number of citizens who failed to respond in time did not have their citizenship cancelled because they are long-time citizens known to only receive notices from the Empire every months.

A questionnaire was sent out with the culling letters. Some citizens replied to the letter but not to the questions, and so the total number of respondents is less than the total number of retained citizens. The results of the questions sent with the culling are as follows:
1) True or False: I would enjoy being a citizen more if the Empire was more active.

False: 1
True: 19
true and false: 1

2) I would like to see the Empire engage in these forms of activity in the future:

Declare war. Officially invade another Nation or Micronation. Succeed in oganizing military coups and revolts to overthrow the governments of Micronations.
Virgin sacrificing
Walking into trees
General Fightclubesqe mayhem
Chess club
A true empire should try to take over other empires, first via diplomacy, and then via force! :) More group activities (e.g. storywriting, web design).
More involvement, intermicronationally
More internal activities
Making of our own Coins & Currency
Network games
Just about anyactivity would be an improvement
chat room parties
Hmm. "Global Conquest" seems so..."extrovert".
Might seem rude to others.
Serious discussion of the changing nature of national identities in the information age and an analysis of how geographically disparate individuals can have more in common with each other, even over continental divides and vast oceans, than they do with their next door neighbors seems maybe a bit dry and academic. (I's says it's the way of the future though! Yessir! Someday online cybernation/micronation citizenship WILL be "valid" and legal in the macronational sense. yup. Someday.)
Pomp and panoply is always good.
Gosh. This activity planning thing sure is hard.
I'd suggest micro-conventions for the micronationals wherein macro portions of microbrewery beer would be consumed, among other activities, but we do all seem kind of spread out.
Anything that helps to define the Aerican cyber "ethnicity" is all good in my book.
My main activities here in the Appalachian Aerican Refugee camps tends to lean toward watching DVD's and reading junk franchise SF books. That and roleplaying games.
cooperative projects (along the lines of the story and the global domination)
Silly campains

3) True or False: I remain a citizen just because it's easier than cancelling my citizenship.

True: 1
False: 18

4) True or False: I sometimes tell my friends about the Empire, just because it amuses me to talk about it.

True: 13
False: 8

5) The one (or more) things I want the Empire to try and do in the next year is (are):

Declare war. Officially invade another Nation or Micronation. Succeed in oganizing military coups and revolts to overthrow the governments of Micronations.
Finish the @!%%@#$!@ story!!!
Maybe an event, like a net game comp/tourney
Recruit more citizens, be more active
Attempt some sort of online group activity. Perhaps an online chat.
Become members of other empires, and using their flimsy constitutions, take over their empires!
more modern web site
Reshuffling of duties within the Empire, allocating more important and structured roles to those elected.
Better interactivity between members.
Update the Empire's homepage.
Introduce topics of discussion so we get more posts on the mailing list
Making of our own Coins & Currency
A forum
Silly campains
Update the website to a more modern look
be more active
talk to other citizens more I guess.
We ought to have actual territorial, um, "territory". I'm a big fan of petitioning teensy tiny island countries for rights to claim a sand bar off one of their beaches. Sadly, while such nations are usually willing to consider the transaction, they invariably think it's some sort of scam that will produce vast quantities of money, of which they expect a portion. (remind me to tell you about the time I was in negotiations with an assistant undersecretary of some department in the Bahamas about trying to acquire a spit of sand somewhere therein to make the fictional nation of Al Amarja from the "Over the Edge" rpg a reality.--I really, really, REALLY wanted a legitimate Al Amarjan passport. Badly. Negotiations were going quite well--the idea being that said spit of sand, above water at least part of the time during low tide, would be an "Autonomous Protectorate" of the Bahamas. Sadly, he realized that I wasn't a drug smuggler and that I couldn't come up with any sort of bribe to make it worthwhile for the issue to spontaneously come up on the floor of the Bahamian parliament/legislature and the deal fell through. bummer.) oh. wait. I DID just tell you 'bout that particular adventure. nevermind.
Aerican passports would be very cool.
Best I can come up with is "wage a pointless war of aggression, using nerf weapons and or cream pies against another micronation wot rightly deserves such treatment". Perhaps a verbal war using "Weapons of Mass Defamation". But then, I live in a "red state" and have to try to blend...

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