Imperial Information Desk
Issue 78
New Diplomatic Contacts: [June 2]
The Empire has extended full recognition to The Kingdom of Riboalte and the Kingdom of Joshland.

Culling of the Inactive, 2004: [June 1]
In the month of June, the Aerican Empire conducts the Culling of the Inactive, a systematic activity check of all citizens. The purpose of this process is the ensure that all citizens have valid e-mails registered with the government and still desires to be a citizen of the Empire. The Culling of the Inactive runs from the last weekend of May to the last weekend of June. If you are a citizen and have not received notice of the Culling by e-mail or over the mailing list, contact us before June 25th, or your citizenship may be terminated. Please take a moment to answer the following questions when you contact the government. If you do not wish to answer some or all of the questions, simply leave the space blank.

1) True or False: I would enjoy being a citizen more if the Empire was more active.

2) I would like to see the Empire engage in these forms of activity in the future:
[Please list any responses here]

3) True or False: I remain a citizen just because it's easier than cancelling my citizenship.

4) True or False: I sometimes tell my friends about the Empire, just because it amuses me to talk about it.

5) The one (or more) things I want the Empire to try and do in the next year is (are):
[Please list any responses here]

Holidays and Niftydays:

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