Imperial Information Desk
Issue 7
Foriegn Relations:
The Aerican Empire opened relations with two new nations this month, the Purple Bunny Federation and The Imperial Empire of Kemtonia.

Foreign Aid:
Sources close to the Inner Council have released information showing that a member thereof, citizen Nathan Maron, has recently become a member of government of the republic of Ithaca. This news was met with mixed emotions from many citizens. Asked about the matter, Maron assured reporters that his first loyalties were now and always have been to the Aerican Empire, and that his helping Ithaca is a temporary favor by the Emperor for the Executor of that republic.

New Holiday:
The Aerican Culture Society this month annonced a new holiday, Apocalypse Day, in commemoration of the day that the world failed to end in time with Nostradamus' predictions.

New citizen:
Aerica welcomes Rayel "Ray" Karesk and Maia Howell.

Holidays and Niftydays:

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