Imperial Information Desk
Issue 66
New Diplomatic Contact Established: [June 20]
The Empire extends full recognition to the Cisalpine Republic and Denetah.

Foreign Recognition Updates: [June 1]
The Empire has revoked recognition from several microstates which either no longer meet our requirements for recognition or which no longer exist. The complete list is as follows:

The Republic of Flanders
The Purple Bunny Federation
The People's Republic of Wolvesstone
The Holy Empire of Westerland
The Evil Empire
Empire of the Realm of Pacifica
United Slabovian Empire
The Republic of Shireroth
The Democratic Union of Floatia, New-Floatia and Vestia
The Republic of Orange
People's Republic of Amador
Micronation of New Macadam
Empire of Urbeausnia
If you represent one of these states and feel this judgement is in error, please contact us as soon as possible.

Culling of the Inactive 2004 [June 1]
The Culling of the Inactive continues this month. All citizens are required to reply to a letter sent out in late May or their citizenship will be terminated. In the same letter, all citizens will receive a copy of a census, in which participation is optional but strongly encouraged. The dealine to submit a response to the Culling letter is June 26th.

Holidays and Niftydays:

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