Imperial Information Desk
Issue 6
Changes in Immigration Policy:
After much deliberation in the past month, the Aerican revoked a law saying that new applicants had to use vaguley human names. This came after several applicants sent in applications without such names, and it was decided to not be worth the effort of sending them away.

New citizen:
The Empire is pleased to welcome Cicciobum.

Big News in the SPUM:
Following a month of rampant chaos in the Splendid MicroUnion of Microstatia, the Aerican Empire has decided to take a more active role in the group. When troubles arose after two nations wanted to leave the Union but were declared unable to according to the Union's charter, many nations raised their voice against the secretary General and his own policies, led by our own Tristan Glark and other members. With the change of the title of Secretary General coming up this month, Aerican can expect a lot of changes to be made to the SPUM, and can expect that the Empire will be there to see it and make it work.

Economic Programs:
The Fund Raising Program is a steady, if slow success. All citizens are encouraged to go to the money site and do their part.

Holidays and Niftydays:

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