Imperial Information Desk
Issue 49
Voting Opens [January 26]
Nominations are now over. The following seats have candidates running for them. Please note that, since only citizens from a colony with a candidate can vote for that candidate, we aren't able to do a private vote, and people from colonies with no candidates don't get to vote. Please send all votes to the Emperor. For each candidate in their colony, a citizen may vote in favor, opposed, or abstaining from their name. You may vote for either or both candidates in Northern Plutopia, because there are two empty seats.

Northern Plutopia: Mylieca, Fred Smith (
Psyche: Nathaniel m. Wimbleloo
The Pasture: Darren Rosetta

Elections to the Senate: [January 19]
An election has been called to fill empty Senate seats, and only the currently empty seats. The election will begin on Sunday, January 26. Anyone who wants to run for a seat must put forth their names for nomination, or be nominated by someone else, before that time. Nominations should be sent overe the mailing list or to the Emperor. The empty seats are as follows:
Mars Colony: 1 seat
Northern Plutopia: 2 seats
Psyche: 1 seat
The Pasture: 1 seat

New Citizens Welcomed: [January 11]
Aerica welcomes Majiksam.

Petition Begun to Change Law [January 10]
Citizen Darren Rosetta has begun a petition to amend the Aerican Constitution, and remove the clause which reads: " The People may veto a law by petitioning the Senate. A petition of no less than 1/2 the total population must be presented to the Senate." According to Imperial law, the petition requires one half of the population to add their names to it, at which point the law must be changed.

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