Imperial Information Desk
Issue 36
Supreme Court: [December 26]
The Empire has established a Supreme Court and begun assigning suitable judges to its seats.

Orange Ambassador Appointed: [December 26]
Raven has been appointed the new ambassador to the micronation Orange.

New cizitens welcomed: [December 15]
Aerica welcomes Gnosis Galactica, Brian Vrouvas, and Rebel Phile.

Senate Activity: [December 9]
The Senate Continues its pre-new-year changes. For details, check out the Senate page.

New Senators appointed: [Dec 9]
Amy Malzahn has taken the empty Senate seat for Mars Colony and Ferretgirl has taken the empty seat for Chompsville.

New Diplomatic Contact: [December 1]
The Empire has recognized the Archprincipality of Salcitras.

Holidays and Niftydays:

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