Imperial Information Desk
Issue 33
New Citizens Accepted: [September 29]
Aerica welcomes Hollie Lockwood, Aurora Marie, Jonathan, Patch, SunTzu, Peter Munroe Woodruff Jr, Imtiaz Sabir, Fredrich-Joshua, Marta Kowalska, Tom Kandizhnyiak, Adi de Vallachia, and Patty Hey.

New Diplomatic Contact Established: [September 29]
The Empire has recognised The Empire of Leblandia, Strathclyde, and New Macadam.

Constitution Amended: [September 3]
The Constitution has been amended. Section 2, clause 8, now reads "No member of of the Senate shall hold a position in the government of another micronation." This changes a mistake in phrasing which made it possible for current members of the Senate to accept positions in other governments.

Colonies Reorganized: [September 2]
Due to their small populations and controversial territories, the colonies of Israelia and Chompsville have been merged. The new colony, which shall be called Chompsville, will be located in the kilometer east of and adjascent to psyche.

Holidays and Niftydays:

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