Imperial Information Desk
Issue 32
New Diplomatic Contact: [August 25]
The Empire has granted conditional recognition to The Boonwalker Empire.

New Citizens Accepted: [August 9]
Aerica welcomes Omahra Husain, and Carlos.

New Pictures of Robots Available: [August 1]
Thanks to a non-citizen known as the Gnoll, the Empire now features 3D rendered art of the Imperial warbot. These pictures can be found at rob.html.

Senate Elections: [August 1]
The new Senate has been elected. The roster is as follows:
Chompsville: mickemt
Earth: n_maron, archmage_2001
Mars Colony: procaid
Northen Plutopia: compyb, your_request_cannot_be_processed
Psyche: raven_is, sherlyn1969
Starwene: Shaggy, nicolaigj
The Pasture: dmalivuk

Holidays and Niftydays:

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