Imperial Information Desk
Issue 3
New Diplomatic Contacts:
The Empire has extended full recognition to the Ithacan Republic, the Republic of Flanders, and The Empire of Ozarkia.

New colony:
Homeland had officialy granted some of its land to be an Aerican Colony.

New citizens:
Aerica welcomes Max Henriques, Sarah White, Teemu Mehtio, Rivikah, M. Welsman, Sir Dan, and Luther.

Changes in the LOSS:
The Aerican Ambassador to the LOSS, Davre Rath, was replaced recently by Tristan Glark.

Changes in Silinist Doctrine:
The Silinist Council sat down this month and made some changes to the religion section. Changes include new teachings and a variety of other changes. Updates to the section are scheduled to be up before the end of March.

Holidays and Niftydays:

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