Imperial Information Desk
Issue 29
Constitution Amended: [May 28]
The Senate has voted on four new amendments. One passed, which has made it illegal for members of the government of any state other than the Empire to hold a seat in the Senate. For details, go to the Senate group.

New Citizens Accepted: [May 24]
Aerica welcomes Scott Bond, Ahmed Shaheen, Ruben Lucid, Michael Akers, Sam Logan, Necromancer, Lady Bedlam, stavros, Az Mathguy, nicollo the wise, slimpdik, Ossian MacDonald, Mr. Xion, GoddessOfHappyThings, Ades, Hailey, Magenta, Lord__Styx, Spud, Exorcist, Nuneco, shrek, Sioux, garry chattrath, Kazu, and Dafyd Jones.

The Culling of the Inactive: [May 21]
On this, the 21 of May, 2001, the Culling of the Inactive begins. All citizens who joined before May 20 *must* send a letter to the government confirming that they still wish to be a citizen. Failure to do so before June 30 will result in the termination of citizenship.

New Diplomatic Contact Established: [May 16]
The Free Community of Pasargada has been granted conditional recognition by the Empire.

Douglas Adams Passes Away at 49 years Old [May 11]
The Empire mourns the loss of Douglas Adams, creator of the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, who passed away of a heart attack in Santa Barbara at the age of 49 on Friday, May 11, 2001. He will be deeply missed by those in whom his works will live on.

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