Imperial Information Desk
Issue 28
New Citizens Accepted: [April 28]
Aerica welcomes Spence, Anni, Bernadette, cyblade3, Claire Smith, Ben, Kess Adal, Baron Von Schmidt, Shinianen, Susej, Muhammad Irfan Aziz, Waffle, Billy Bob, Marvin Singletary, Parth s. Lawate, lukem52, mistassin, Bob, Old skool Dave, Simon Comfort, Lance Meatbrick, Trv188, Aurora Marie, mad_wolf, Nins, Xeyr Cassles, boomer, K3, Luis Prado, Anthony, Ignatius Pinga, Jonathan, Manpreet, Kepkka, Paradox Bain, Kenna, Daniel Hoyle, Heather Kline, Ferocious Shadows, Bad Boy, Taz, Fenax Naoswillar, khan, Al, Princess Bubblewrap Jumprope, StarWulf, Kurt Angle, Irun Ungaz, and Kel Dea'mon.

New Diplomatic Contacts: [April 26]
The Empire has recognised the Republic of Orange, the Vulcan Empire, and the People's Republic of Amador.

New Diplomatic contacts established: [April 7]
The Empire has recognised the Micronation Space Station Babylon 5 and the Empire of Tyre Tangiere.

The Senate Votes: [April 1]
The Senate has voted on over a dozen changes to the consititution. Details on exact changes are available on request.

Holidays and Niftydays:

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