Imperial Information Desk
Issue 27
New Diplomatic Contacts: [March 29]
The Aerican Empire has recognised the Underduchy of Silesiana, the Barony of Treesia and Fabon, Dreamland, and The Democratic Union of Floatia, New-Floatia and Vestia.

Senate Votes: [March 25]
The Imperial Senate has voted on two pieces of legislation, the Senators Act 2001 and the Preachers' Liscence Act. After careful consideration of both acts, it was determined that they were redundant according to the current constitution. The split was close on the Senators Act 2001, however, with it being rejected by only a narrow majority.

New Citizens Accepted: [March 24]
Aerica welcomes Tragula, hatter, Diptheria Young, Tititi, Attiq, Brett Porter, Goosh Benjamin, Xweapon, Mitsukai Mikami, Redrick, Louden Clear, KaVa, Starla, Princess Sara, C'Nedra, The Cleric, sleepy_beatle, Flaria Dallian, Juan Camilo Muller, Curta Supellex Maximus, Ekaterina Kovacheva, PreciousJeni, Amy Malzahn, Randall Scott Walker II, kake, and dragon_virus.

New Ambassadorial post: [March 5]
David51485 has been appointed ambassador to The Imperial Rasinate of Q'attera-Macusiaa.

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