Imperial Information Desk
Issue 26
Aerica celebrates its four hundredth citizen: [February 27]
The Empire proudly announced today that it accepted its four hundredth citizen onFebruary 27, 2001. "Technically," said the Emperor when asked by reporters, "we're at 405." The Emperor then returned to his office, where more applications had arrived for his attention.

Museum features new Art: [February 27]
Citizen Bruno has contributed two new works to the museum.

New Citizens Accepted: [February 23]
Aerica welcomes Enigma, Neo, Phillip Front, Magentica, Shiro The Sniper, Matt Tiernan, Ororo Munroe, Sophie Brocky, Lil' Devil, CLS_Raven, crypton, David51485, Jennifer Pattinson the High Ferret Priestess, Sim Ford, com_mx, Rhiannen FyreWalker, Malary Walker, Quilon, SkyBlu819, Greg Frank, matt murray, Lector, Cozma H, Ticker, Lucas, Molly, Griunca, west husin, Ugh the Druid, Ludwig Prandtl, Bagrad, Darth Nicolai, and madmaz_666.

Intermicronational Olympics: [February 23]
Plans are underway for the 2002 micronational olympics.

Project Update: [February 20]
Update: The vote has concluded, opposed to the new look for the site.
Project Update is a project set up by citizen David51485. A new design is being considered for the website and the prototype is viewable at (edit: link no longer functions). All citizens are encouraged to go and vote on whether they prefer the current design or the prototype.

Sports:[February 16]
See the sports page for scores, details, and commentary on the first games of the Aerican and intermicronational football leagues.

New Diplomatic Contact Established: [February 7]
The Aerican Empire has officially recognized Hyperborea.

Holidays and Niftydays:

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