Imperial Information Desk
Issue 25
Aerican Football league site opens: [january 28]
The website for the Aerican football league is now open.

New article in Museum: [january 27]
The January 18th issue of Le Soleil, which ran a lengthy article on micronations, is now avaiable in the museum in english and its original french.

Amendments to Constitution Passed: [january 27]
Following intense voting in the Senate, two amendments to the constitution have been passed. Article II, section 2, the courts, has been changed, and a veto act, enabling citizens to protest new law, was also added.

New Citizens Accepted: [january 27]
Aerica Welcomes lea, Brother Sigh, paslui, OLATOKUN ADEPEGBA, Dino, Hollie Lockwood, AKANNI OLUSOLA, Shifty Switchblade, ARKAN, craig jackson, Cosmo, Ramsey Boushakra, Laitue, Genny, Zoo, Sweet, John Lennon, WAREWOLF, Patou, Cody S, and Danny Wilkinson.

New Diplomatic Contacts: [January 7]
The Aerican Empire has recognized the United Slabovian Empire. There was considerable debate about the USER because they charge for citizenship, but eventually it was decided that, based on the amount of content on their site, the USE was more than a moneymaking scheme. officially opens: [january 1]
On January First, officially opened to the world at large. As the new Aerican Embassy to Everything Else, the website represents the vision of all Aericans to grow and strive during the new year and all coming years.

New Year Welcomed; World Fails to End:[january 1]
Another year has come to a close, and the new year was welcomed by cheering Aericans all over the world. Most notably, the world failed to end at the close of the millenium for the second year in a row, giving hope for the following year and reason to make fun of stupid people. "The year looks good," said Emperor Lis to reporters. "We've got the new site up and officialy open. We've got our store up and running. A magazine interview Tristan and I did is due out in April, and my college hasn't kicked me out yet. All in all, I'm optimistic."

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