Imperial Information Desk
Issue 24
New Citizens: [December 23]
Aerica welcomes Nilkin, Sherlyn, g.h. ruth, Andrew Utz, Joe, goop, Dani L., VintageQueen, Guru Cletus Theodocius Fudpucker KSC, Gotham Drake, Ephiroll, The REAL Sirius Black, aBu, dj_monk, Ivo Caliban, Eddie and raghukumar.m.

Imperial Store Opens: [December 29]
A new store operated through is now open, featuring products for the Imperial citizen of distinguished taste and a little money to waste. This store offers a variety of products featuring a logo selected by the government with help from the members of the Mailing List.

Prayers Page Expanded:
Following several days work, the leaders of the Church of Forsteri catalogued several of their more popular prayers and added them to the webpage. In addition, the Major Theories page was rewritten to more accurately portray the wider beliefs of the followers.

Aerica Discontinues Contract with All Advantage [December 7]
Following the meeting of the Inner Council this morning, the Empire has cancelled its account with All Advantage. The Emperor had this to say: "They're bastards. Utter cheating bastards. Their software insinuates itself on your computer like a virus, and they give you hell if you try to discontinue service unless you catch them during one of their frequent and unnanounced terms of service changes. We only got one payment from them, and it was two months late. Bastards."

New Holiday: [December 3]
Emperor Norton day has officially been adopted by the Aerican Empire as a holiday.

New Citizens: [December 3]
Aerica welcomes Story Tella, Hsu Greemin, DreamyWolf, Anand M, txoki, Chareece Fairweather, and Prisk the surfer god.

Twenty Four Issues Strong: [December 3]
The Imperial News Desk celebrates this twenty fourth issue of this news service. The second December issue marks the end of our second year of publication and the begininng of our third.

Holidays and Niftydays:

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