Imperial Information Desk
Issue 23
New Citizens Accepted:[November 25]
Aerica welcomes Kimberlina, Coby Dick, Vincent Manseau, Elizabeth, Lee, Aidan Daly, Nick, Shorty DooBop, Kris Heyvaert, Saint Lazarus, Brain, Den Bowen, dr. Kniess, tombsman, Brett Johnston, Molly-Miette Birdsong, BSAA, Robert, aNtI-nAwAiWaQaT, Mallory, reuben the dude, Meggie, Drew, Retasu, Rastus, Christine, mira, Mallesh, Machina, CRaig, Kenzo, John Norine Jr., rcowboy, Chessspeeder, Ol' Jim Shoe, dipstickdavo, Dogmny, Sarah, Magentaa, wisco, Rhinoskaros, Montred, Phrodo Baggins, Phoenix Fyrewolf, Rob Smith, Dao Spyder, Buford, sabrinah, Kiki Davis, Ra'ab, Comte de Berri, Anjou, et Patangonie, Karl Johnson, sir pancreas, and Chameleon.

Martial Law on the Mailing List [November 3]
Update: Martial law was rescinded on friday, November 3, and posting returned to normal. Support for martial law when it was invoked was universal among those who bothered to reply.

Following a resurgence of the religious debate and a small portion of the list degenerating into flaming for the second time since September, the Imperial Mailing List was placed under martial law. All posts were set to be routed to the Emperor or another moderator before reaching the list. Plans are for the list to resume normal activity by the end of the week.

Holidays and Niftydays:

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