Imperial Information Desk
Issue 22
New Citizens: [Oct 15]
Aerica welcomes Twirl, ginger, ZoZo, L'Ingegnere, Ice, Rachel Tyree, Deano, Alex, Daniel Levey, Ravengirl, AutumnWolf, Lord Dix, Bob Renfield, Kase, MizzySmileyFace, Jessa, Dolphin_chik, Swampy, Britney316, deepak, Pharin Vryce, The duke of marshmellow, Rodrigo Granados, AntiTheftMilk, ymitri kaykyu, Yasmin, Jessa Moon, Shaggy, doctor_plootonium, kimbrit, FireEyes, SkylarDawn, leinad, Witchlin Blue, Pria, Number One, Rachkovsky, Mark Hill, Liam Freeman, Esse Ree, Courtnee Summers, King Gorack, Sleeper Hold, Golam, AmorosiPower, Aururisk, Chandra, Joe Smith, Joey_16x, Lt Col. S.J. McLean, Namby Pamby, Bumzo, Steve, and billy bob.

Geocities Features the Empire[oct 15]
Just a few short months after featuring the Aerican Empire in the World Report, Geocities has placed a link to the Aerican Empire on one of its main pages. is one link away from and has brought the Empire over eighty applications, though most will never receive full citizenship. A copy of the link, the accompaniying paragraph, and the nearly identical exerpt from the World Report have been added to the Museum.

Aerica in the Boston Phoenix: [Oct 15]
A wonderful article has been published in the Boston Phoenix about micronations, which interviewed and quoted Eric Lis. A copy of this article has been uploaded to the Museum.

Bureau of Silly Things Reorganized: [October 12]
Changes to the BST became official today when the Emperor announced that the ministry had officially become the Ministry of Silly Things, 3000. Also new was the appointment of minister Katie McCormick.

Holidays and Niftydays:

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