Imperial Information Desk
Issue 21
New Citizens: [Sept 23]
Aerica welcomes Jim, Katy Shannon, Mija Chanda, Astrea, Ricoh Tumblehead, Sasha J, Mac, G, Sir Mathieu, Bookah, Lilyponds, Sophiana, oakraven, michael park, Seth the Phsycho, Sarge, The 13 Swedish Monks, crazydudacki, Oddsbodikins, and Viriato Vyr-ee-ah-too.

New Diplomatic Contacts Established:
The Democratic union Ratelon and Lysaria have been recognized.

Election Results
The results for the Senatorial elections have been received, and are as follows:
For Chompsville: Michael "Mick" Schmid, The Mad Medic, has won the second senatorial seat, and John Raimondo has kept his.
For Earth: The second Senatorial seat is now held by Aldric Nicholas Tinker, and Nathan Maron has kept his seat.
For Mars Colony: Both Tristan Glark and The Mighty InVaDeR have kept their seats.
For Northern Plutopia: Governess Iris Lowder has kept her seat, and the second seat is now held by Robert Dole (Jaffa Q).
For the Pasture: The only Senatorial seat currently held is now held by Nathaniel m. Wimbleloo.
New Nation Recognized: [Sept 7]
The Empire of the Realm of Pacifica has been granted conditional recognition.

Cultural section expands: [Sept 4]
A new section has been added to the cultural section of the Empire: media reccomended by citizens. This is a list of books, movies, music, etc... that citizens enjoy and think others who like the empire would enjoy.

In the News, Again!
Another Australian news paper, the Sydney Morning Herald, has run an article about the Empire. The new article is the same as the New York Times article, which is the one that ran in all the papers so far except for O Publico.

HHolidays and Niftydays:

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