Imperial Information Desk
Issue 20
Election News Update: August 27
Behold the results of the nominations for elections to the Senate:
Michael "Mick"Schmid, Chompsville
Christopher Aldric Nicholas Tinker, Earth
Tristan Glark, Current Senator, Governor, Mars
The Mighty InVaDeR, Current Senator, Mars
Bishop Weaver, Mars
Eyerus, Current Senator and Governess, Northern Plutopia
Robert Dole (Jaffa Q), Northern Plutopia
viktor (Mansour Aref), Northern Plutopia
Nathaniel m. Wimbleloo,, The Pasture
Senators not listed are currently in no danger of losing their seats. All voting should be done as follows: An e-mail, with your name as a citizen, sent to the Emperor. You may only vote for a Senator for your own colony. Voting lasts from monday, August 27 to September 8, and with luck will be tabulated during the 9th and 10th.

Now is the time for all good men (and women) to come to the aid of their party.
Begining today and running for one week, nominations are being accepted for elected positions. Send all nominations to the Emperor. You may nominate yourself. If you already hold a seat in the Senate: You will automatically be put in for re-election unless you ask otherwise. If the number of nominations to a colony is less than or equal to the number of seats open, people already holding seats will automatically hold theirs. Remember, we are not voting yet, only nominating. Don't start voting of campagning. Nominations will last until August 26, and actual voting will begin after announcement of candidates on the 29th and run until september 9.

New Citizens accepted:
Aerica welcomes John Huntsman, Spencermand, Stephanie Erin Thomas, Crazy Ivan McCain, Millis Chesire, Puch, If Ics, Cypris the Jester, Turbine4000, Max Jago, EJ Slortwinck, Majik, Michael-Fox, Swefinn, Lux Aorta, Lynzy, Triad, Muhammad Aamir, Mansour Aref, Darius Devlin, Locker, Homedang, Marya the Great, Nauman Merchant, Avatar, The Mad Medic, Theriaca Jones, Holly, Evan the Terrible, cheshirecat, William P. Bennett (Ph.D.), Ophelia, Adriok Hantibar, TomKat, Tanya, Prontai, Kaleb Klabb, Den Bella, Nephteri, Popsdad, SuperCzar Andrew Davidson, Bishop, Caesar, Kirby, Lynn, Simon, Paag, ~®SpAwN®~, Mirage, Mikey, em231, Justjude, Finn Daire, (name removed by request), Exrandu L'ean, Jenny Lee, Jaffa Q, Cyberjunkie, Glib Mumm, net_tourist, Brian Reddy, Nicholas W. Douglas, Jklubi, Alexis, Queen Marie-Helene, Max, Niszki Wilrow, Capo Crimini, Greyhawkwoman, Asmir, Sharnoobi Bin Bulbasaur, carysu, Tyson Cochrane, Richard, Luthenar D'earn, Franzhello, Mania, Captain Monkey, Omega, Sunny Dee, Victoria Stover, Zxco the great, Christopher Aldric Nicholas Tinker, Candylady, Florinia, Majora, Papillon Guzman, Grigor Carstairs, Bad Cheese, Mr. Shnubble, Callisto, Alexey Spiridonov, Nknown, Stella, martin gonzales, Brad Goguh, ThugY, Emanuel, Brandon, Gyro, Deano, another Brandon, Bob Hope, SAme, Nicole, erik von khan, Lemenlin, Silas, and Eddie FOe.

New Diplomatic contacts:
The Aerican Empire has proudly extended recognition to Great Wails and The Republic of Albernia.

Aerica in the World Report:
The Geocities World Report, a monthly feature which showcases four websites per months, has featured the Empire as one of the sites for July. This newsletter has prompted the greatest immigration wave in Imperial History, greated even than when the Empire appeared in the New York Times. Watch the New Citizens Accepted box for the names.

New Holiday:
November 22nd is now Conspiracy Theory day, commemorating the assassination of president John F. Kennedy, and the start of conspiracy theories worldwide

Webring Expands:
The Sculpture Pages of citizen John Huntsman, Rational Constructions by citizen Theriaca Jones, and Harcourt of Darius Devlin have joined the webring.

New Diplomatic Contact Established
The Flying Islands of Jasonia have asked for and been granted Conditional Diplomatic Recognition by the Empire.

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