Imperial Information Desk
Issue 19
Slobovian Empire recognized
The Slobovian Empire has been recognized by the Aerican Empire. Imperial officials have announced their support of the Slobovian Empire's bid to join the LoSS, and wish them the best of luck breaking nito micronationalism.

New Citizens:
Aerica welcomes Katie McCormick, Aleph Rota-Rossi, Holyinsaneone, Alio, APC, Adrian Kipler, Szeri, Nathaniel m. Wimbleloo, and Lauren.

Aerican Activity Check Complete:
The Aerican Imperial Activity check has been completed. Citizens were given a month to reply to whether or not they remained active citizens, and those who did not even reply over the course of a month have had their citizenship revoked. See this page for details. In all, thirty citizens lost their citizenship. When asked, the Emperor said this: "It is a pity that we must lose so many, but it's better to have ten real citizens than one hundred who don't care."

Holidays and Niftydays:

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