Imperial Information Desk
Issue 18
New Diplomatic Contact:
Carlonia has been recognised the the Imperial government.

New Colonies Accepted:
The New colonies of Chompsville, ruled by John Raimondo, and Psyche, ruled by Mister Quack and Poida, have been accepted. John Raimondo and Mister Quack have accepted seats in the Senate.

Results of the Micronation Survey:
The results of the micronation survey of May-June are in. Although this survey has been highly ctiticized and has been deemed unreliable by the Imperial Government, we are posting the results for the benefit of citizens.

1: Which of the following Micronations has influenced micronationalism the most in the last two years?
The Holy Empire of Reunion 63.64%
Kingdom of Porto Claro 18.18%
Kingdom of Cherusken/DCI 9.09%
Port Colice 9.09%

2: Which of the following micronationalists would you not trust to keep your seat for you on an empty bus?
Jorge Apache of Marajo 10%
Prince Christopher of Aalameigh 30%
Pedro Aguiar of Porto Claro 30%
Emperor Claudio of Reunion 20%
Tristan Glark of the Aerican Empire 10%
3: The most trustworthy and honorable micronationalist is
Peter MacLeod of Orange 11.11%
Tristan Glark of the Aerican Empire 33.33%
Emperor Claudio 22.22%
Pedro Aguiar of Porto Claro 22.22%
Jorge Apache of Marajo 11.11%
Prince Christopher

4: Micronationalism would be much better if this nation vanished
Principality of Alameigh 30.77%
The Holy Empire of Reunion 30.77%
Kingdom of Porto Claro 30.77%
Aerican Empire 7.67%

5: I feel that the LoSS is:
inferior to the SPUM, let alone the real organizations 11.11%
the only micronational organization out there 22.22%
a good organization being dragged down by poor leadership 11.11%
the best micronational organization out there 55.56%

6: The four most influential nations are
The Holy Empire of Reunion 21.88%
Commonwealth of Port Colice 6.25%
Aerican Empire 12.5%
Rasinate of Q'attera-Macusiaa 9.38%
Principality of Alameigh 6.25%
Kingdom of Morovia 9.38%
Kingdom of Porto Claro 12.5%
Inner Realm of Patria 3.13%
Republic of Baja Arizona 3.13%
Republic of Marajo 6.25%
Kingdom of Cherusken/DCI 6.25%
Republic of Molossia 3.13%

7: The four least influential micronations are
Kingdom of TorHavn 13.89%
Inner Realm of Patria 5.56%
People's Republic of Amador 16.67%
Aerican Empire 5.56%
Republic of Baja Arizona 5.56%
Commonwealth of Port Colice 2.78%
Republic of Orange 11.11%
Republic of Molossia 13.89%
Principality of Alameigh 5.56%
Porto Claro 5.56%
Rasinate of Q'attera-Macusiaa 5.56%
The Holy Empire of Reunion 2.78%
Kingdom of Morovia 2.78%
Republic of Marajo 2.78%

8: The two micronations I never thought would amount anything and still haven't are
People's Republic of Amador 12.5%
Republic of Baja Arizona 12.5%
Rasinate of Q'attera-Macusiaa 6.25%
The Holy Empire of Reunion 6.25%
Kingdom of TorHavn 6.25%
Kingdom of Morovia 6.25%
Republic of Marajo 6.25%
Principality of Alameigh 12.5%
Porto Claro 12.5
Kingdom of TorHavn 12.5%
Aerican Empire 6.25%

9: The two micronations I never thought would amount to anything but seem to have accomplished something are
The Holy Empire of Reunion 6.25%
Aerican Empire 18.75%
Republic of Marajo 12.5%
Rasinate of Q'attera-Macusiaa 18.75%
Kingdom of Morovia 12.5%
Principality of Alameigh 6.25%
Inner Realm of Patria 12.5%
Republic of Baja Arizona 6.25%
Kingdom of Cherusken/DCI 6.25%

Allies of Reunion
The Holy Empire of Reunion has made changes to their diplomacy listings, changing the Aerican Empire's classification to Active Ally. Emperor Eric has stated that Emperor Claudio himself brought about the change, and that both men look forward to a bright future of cooperation.

New Citizens:
Aerica Welcomes Ruthie, Janus, zrubavel, pick_a_boo, Lord-Kelvin M. Jones Jr., Uri Fintzy, Bort, J., RV Slacker, L.G.Jr., Beezer, Poida, John Raimondo, Tim, Alberto, Greenknight, Mister Quack, Hypoben and S.T.U.Daniel.

Holidays and Niftydays:

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