Imperial Information Desk
Issue 17
Aerica in a Major News Paper
For the first time, the Empire has been featured in a major world newspaper. The New York Times ran an article about micronations where it mentioned only seven of what it considered to be the more improtant nations, including the Empire. The article has been added to the Museum of Culture.

Aerica Becoms Profitable
The Aerican Government has established an All Advantage account and begun making money, which is being put towards the purchase of a domain name and new lands. Citizens have been encouraged to become refferals for this account to boost its earnings.

Aerica turns 13!
The Aerican Empire entered its thirteenth year on May 8, 2000. Unlike the last year, where the anniversary was filled with speeches and celebration, this year the holiday was passed over fairly quietly. "The Inner Council met," said the Emperor. "We decided that a big celebration wasn't really neccesarry. We'll reserve the celbrations for when we really do soemthing, not for some date." Speculation among citizens is that plans are being made to inscrease Aerican holdings, either through buying land or a domain name, to celebrate the date.

New Citizens:
Aerica welcomes Gus, Kassandra MacOnnach, Twins, Negativeman1, Kyle, Eyesbigenough, Fitzjack, Amber, Paul Belter, Christopher, Rev. Kevin, Count Nicholas Von Vleit, Dynamus Aerelius, John Jouppi, David, Charolette Zye, Alanna, Natan Schottenfels, and Eris Suzerain.

Holidays and Niftydays:

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