Imperial Information Desk
Issue 15
New colony accepted
Starwene has been accepted as a colony. Two queens of Starwene, Queen Kellikitten and Queen Boobaby, have been accepted as Senators.

Maron runs for Sec-Gen
The Aerican Empire surprised the LoSS recently by announcing that they would put forth a candidate, Nathan Maron, for the position of Secretary General in the upcoming elections. Maron was selected for the poition rather than ambassador Glark after the government decided that the Secretary General should not be a delegate himself. Maron's chances, he says, are slim. He knows that Thomas Leys, his adversary, is a well liked man. "I like the guy too," said Maron to reporters. "I don't think I have much of a shot at this, but just being there, showing the world that we care what happens, is a big step. We can't wait for them to see past the happy faces. We have to be out there and forcing them to see that we are here, that we can be serious, and that we're not going away if they don't like us." Elections are to be held in mid March.

New Citizens:
Aerica Welcomes Gulgothir, Matt Tedford, Joao Miguel Santos Costa, Marc Sterling, Argo0, and Jeffrey Graham.

Holidays and Niftydays:

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