Imperial Information Desk
Issue 14
Maron runs for Sec-Gen
Nathan Maron is running for Secretary General of the LoSS. Story to appear in the March news paper.

New Colony Joins
A new colony, Israelia, ruled by president Simcha, has joined the Aerican Empire as our newest colony.

Portugese article translated
The Portugese article has been translated into English and is now archived in the Museum.

Aerica in the News
A newly arrived citizen, Bruno, informed the Emperor of an article in a Portugese newspaper. This article is a short discussion of micronationalism, and a third of the article is devoted to the Aerican Empire. Bruno was kind enough to send a copy of the article to the Emperor, who is having it translated into English. The Portugese version was sent to the Aerican Cultural Institute, and has prompted moving forward the schedule for the opening of the Aerican Museum.

Aerican Museum Opens Ahead of Schedule
Following the appearance of the article sent in by citizen Bruno, the Aerican Cultural Institute has advanced plans to open the Aerican Museum. The Museum, originally scheduled to open in May for the Empire's thirteeth birthday, was instead opened on February fifth, and currently contains only two sections: The portugese article in question and an excerpt from the East Cyberian "Red Reporter." Any citizens interested in submitting to the Museum are invited to do so. An area of the Museum will be set aside for cultural works or art put forth by citizens, be it in the form of story, art, poetry, or something else. We reached Emperor Lis in his office. "This is a great day for us," he said. "All citizens can take great joy in seeing that we have been noticed by a news agency, regardless of its size. I hope that [the Museum] will be a boon to us all." A curator for the Mueum has not been chosen yet.

New Citizens:
Aerica welcomes Julius Cesar, Joao Elias, Sam McCallister, Bruno, Snniper, John, Jimbob, Antonio Marchetti, and Simcha.

Aerica Joins the World Micronation Union
In a meeting of the Inner Council today, the Emperor announced that he was in favor of the Aerican Empire becoming a member of the newly formed World Micronation Union. Because of their speed in replying, the DIM's envoys were offered the position of head of the North American section. Minister Glark announed after a short period of waiting that he had accepted the position on behalf of the Empire.

Holidays and Niftydays:

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