Imperial Information Desk
Issue 134
New Citizens Welcomed: [February 22]
Aerica Welcomes Sir Ryan Benjamin Heaney Esq. OBE, Chimila Lunette, Alcides Zorrilla, Bwono Napp, Captain twelve pack, Connor Dorian Reis, Shana Eastberg, Justin Alba, The Wandering Pilot, Rushi....., Joshu Prophet Of The Technocracy, Joe Akridge, !zak B, The (unintentionally humourous noise), ph! l@b0t d m@r, UCHENNA CELESTINE OKONKWOR, Elijah Cunnally, Dylan Kickass Dasey, Matthew Gifford Ess, Joshua Vani, Gabriel Forgie, Paul Petrov, Lyzz Flatt, Kiki Dee Baxter-Benson, George of the Jungle, Cacho, Green Jumper, Mohnka Maximiliano, Ben, David Martin, Curly Jefferson, Noel, Anna Weissinger, Delta Razvan, and qui gon dave!.

Supreme Court Elections (Voting): [February 17]
Voting for supreme court justices is now open. Votes should be sent to the Emperor. The list of nominees is as follows:
Shana Eastberg
Ryan Heaney
Kurt Weres
Michael "Mick" Schmid
C.J. Miller
Quintin Felwitch
Phil C
Dylan Dasey
Jamie Clementi
Danny Lier
Gavin Gray
William Potash
Rad. Squirrel
Roger Craton

New Diplomatic Contact: [February 15]
Aerica has extended full diplomatic recognition to the Repblica de Cartago.

Supreme Court Elections (Nominations): [February 8]
Nominations for the 2010-2012 Court term are now open. Any citizen may nominate themselves or someone else until February 21st by posting on the mailing list or contacting the Emperor.

Holidays and Niftydays:

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