Imperial Information Desk
Issue 132
New Citizens Welcomed: [December 23]
Aerica Welcomes Julian Moreno, King James High King of Angador, Prof Dr.Suresh Kumar Agarwa, Marco Maria Fernando Scandolaro, Aaron Method, Paulo Delgado, Douglas Mui, Olaniran Olajide Habib, Dalton James Smith, Ian Kent, Hallie, Riely Levesque, Paulus Haryo, Feragorn Atreides, Izzy Backspace, Erin Collopy, and Thomas Berube-Giguere.

Senate Elections Voting Opens: [December 14]
Voting is now open for Senate elections. Check out the forum and cast a vote for whoever you think will be the best candidate. Please vote only for one candidate, and only in the colony in which you are a registered resident. Votes should be sent to the Emperor, either via his email or via the COntact Us form to the left.
The complete list of candidates is as follows:
Eric Mandelker
Michael "Mick" Schmid, The Mad Medic

CJ Miller
Randy Walker

Mars Colony
Bihag Bhatt
Flynn duMartier
Tristan Glark
William Potash

Northern Plutopia
Philippe Couturier
Shaun Ferguson
Steven Magnuson

Malcolm Gerhardt
Michael N. Mazur


Retsaot Island
Elias Herring
Quintin Felwitch Zealot

The Pasture
Phil Henderson
Mark Saetre
Zachary Vance

Darth Nicolai

New Diplomatic Contact: [December 4]
Aerica has extended full diplomatic recognition to the Deltan Imperium.

Senate Elections Ongoing: [December 1]
Senate elections continue. Nominations have now been received and debating between candidates will now begin. To follow the debates, go to Voting will begin on (approximately) December 14th.

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