Imperial Information Desk
Issue 131
New Citizens Welcomed: [November 26]:
Aerica Welcomes Mr. Zorander, Holly Phillips, Jesus Harvey Christ, Jordan, Erika Wilson, Viktor Spektre, Ryan Jesena, Barney Duck, Mr Twist, Oli Carlisle, Lord Fotherington Larksworth, Lorenzo Virginio Teucci, Tasonoff, Justice Knight, Noah Moss, Clark Powerfist, SUPERMAN, Ehren Kilian, Chelsea-Ann Smith, Gabe Koszegi-Faulkner, Anthony Sparke, The Duke, Raven Cowart, Drottnar, Daniel Kegerreis, Vebjørn Ring Sjølyst, Shadari Draconis, Carrot McGee, Laure Louise, Nicole Cramer, Farfil Tregan, Nic, Cian Mangan, Sam the First, Justin Perry, Ooja TahNub, Isabelle Marie Capell-Hattam, Voide McNeal, Luke D'Amico, Captain Malcolm "The Saint" Gerhardt, and carelesmind.

Aerican Empire Coins: [November 18]:
The coins have arrived at the Aerican Embassy to Everything Else and are in the process of being mailed out to citizens. For a limited time only, collector's item coins number 1 and 42 will be available on eBay.

Constitution Amended: [November 3]:
An amendment to the constitution has been passed unanimously which will require that candidates for the position of Emperor be citizens for a minimum of five years before being eligible for the position.

Site Redesign in Progress: [November 1]:
This month, large portions of the Aerican Empire website will be redesigned. Expect to see the left-side quick links bar become much easier to use and for some pages to be reclassified under two new scetions, "about the empire" and "fun stuff." During this time, there will inevitably be some broken links appearing and some "under construction" signs up. Please bear with us.

New Diplomatic Contact: [November 1]
Aerica has extended full recognition to the Republic of Nacinimod.

Holidays and Niftydays:

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