Imperial Information Desk
Issue 13
New Citizen:
Aerica welcomes Albor and Blitz.

Aerica Caught In Reunion's Crusade
In the wake of the most recent "crusade" called by the government of Reunion, the Aerican Empire has both risen in micronational prestige and infamy. When Reunion tried to issue a formal apology and condemnation of Pedro Aguiar, their move was to send the letter, written by their emperor himself, to the LoSS. Their ambassador had not been added to the mailing list, however, and did not have posting rights yet. As a result, just weeks after the Aerican Empire was finally granted a place of respect on Reunion's diplomatic page, Tristan Glark and Emperor Lis were approached by the emperor of Reunion with a request that they be Reunion's temporary spokesman. Minister Glark took advantage of this, and forwarded the letter immediatly. It was a carefully calculated move; on the one hand, the Empire would be seen as an ally of Reunion. On the other, they would be seen as a tool of the holy empire. Accepting the risks, Minister Glark posted it. The ensuing discussion did not, in the end, draw the Empire into it, and in fact Minister Glark was approached by representatives of the Republic of Orange for diplomatic relations soon after. Minister Glark had this to say to us: "It was a proud day for us when [the DIM] was asked to send the letter for Reunion. It shows us that are climbing the ladder of influence to our rightful place. I'm only sorry that we couldn't be of more help to Reunion during their crisis." The Aerican Empire is currently planning to abstain on the upcomming votes in the LoSS on the issues presented by both sides of the argument, in light of the lack of concrete evidence able to be put forth by participants.

Citizen Rejection Causes Concern
A recent citizen application to the Aerican Empire has caused a great deal of concern among certain citizens and members of the government. In the last week of December, 1999, an application was recieved applying with the name of Saddam Hussein. The application contained many rascist messages, such as the listing of "Kurd Killing" under favorite sports. One dozen citizens were polled by members of the citizenship department and by the Emperor himself regarding this application. All details of the application were hidden from citizens except for the name, which was found to be offensive almost unnanimously, and the application was rejected with an option to reapply under a different name. The new name chosen was Hitler's Daughter, and a second poll showed this to be worse than the first. The rejection of this citizen has caused much discussion over rights of free speech and citizenship, which have never before a concern. When questionned on the matter, the Emperor had this to say: "I have nothing personally against names like this. The descision to reject him was made after getting imput from a significant portion of the population, chosen randomly, and I stand by it." The Emperor also commented that the prospective citizen may have had better luck applying somewhere where the majority of the government isn't Jewish, but denied that his feelings were a factor in the rejection.

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