Imperial Information Desk
Issue 109
New Citizens Welcomed [January 30]:
Aerica Welcomes Tyler Kadow, Jamie, Anthony Newton, Jigoro, Jamie Mcneill, P. Ness Arbuckle, Ben Jacobson, Jimbo P, Kathleen O' Carroll, Jeremy Dawson, Srinjoy Chakraborti, Duke of Dykesville, Samantha Salvato, David Turnbull, Mike Stecyk, Albert Dobyns, Elias Herring, Joey Daniewicz, Michael Maier II, Metastasis, Amanda Storlie, Dane A. Prentiss, William Martin, Tenille, Cranston Snord, Lyrica42, Yazamalainia, Paul Markey, Tyler Moran, Maile Simpson, Andrew Marino, Aeris The Kitty, Jose Madrigal, Sainth Kaibre, Vespa Madarinia, Shelby Mack, Zanzolar Garboolian, Jeremy Yoplait, Sam Packwood, O'Bunny, Brian Grimwood, Josh Noseda, St.Lars O'Matic, Lindor chocolate, Kristen Ashlye Tate, Melanie Joy Bullock, Kris Harris, Sarvesh, Nicholas Wright, Zachariah Brough Shafer, and Luisfer Clemente Gil.

New Article: [January 25]
The Empire is one of six nations to be featured in an article on A copy of this article will be made available for reading in the Museum as soon as possible.

New Diplomatic Contacts [January 26]:
The Empire has extended full recognition to Res Publica SPQR and Vitla and have signed a treaty of mutual recognition with the Res Publica.

Supreme Court Elections: [January 22]:
The new Supreme COurt has been chosen. Garlan of the Eastern Calculus, Raven, Michael N. Mazur, Ravengirl, and Michael Sullivan have taken their seats. The new court's two-year term will end in January of 2010.

Supreme Court Elections: [January 7]:
The Supreme Court has now completed its 2-year term. Nomination for new justices are now open, and should be sent over the mailing list or mailed to the Emperor. Anyone who wants may nominate themselves for a seat; all nominations must be seconded by a second citizen, and each citizen may second three different nominations. There's no maximum number to the number of justices available, and current judges are welcome to nominate themselves again. The nomination period will end on January 21st.

New Holiday: [January 5]
The Senate has voted to adopt a new holiday on November 16th. Dies Memoriae will henceforth be a day commemorating culled citizens and remembering their contributions.

Holidays and Niftydays:

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