Imperial Information Desk
Issue 101
New Diplomatic Contacts [May 23]
The Aerican Empire has extended full recognition to the Area of Ptyxur.

Happy Twentieth Birthday, Aerican Empire! [May 8]
In celebration of the Empire's twentieth anniversary, three much-awaited special events are now active. First and second, the downloads page has been expanded, and in addition to our desktops, you can now download an Aerican Empire novelty passport (not an official government document -- do not attempt to use when crossing international borders) and an Aerican Empire wallet-size ID card (guaranteed to not be linked up to an evil supercomputer!). Third, check the special events page for details regarding the upcoming Twentieth Anniversary Convention.

New Citizens Welcomed [May 7]
Aerica Welcomes Adeonothas Darksbane, Bowser, Igor Moldavansky, Tsar Bomba, Fyodor Nikolaievich Kosmosoye, and Lowris.

Aerica Celebrates Twenty Years [May 1]
This month, is addition to celebrating the one hundred and first issue of this news service (that's eight point three three bar years of uninterrupted news archiving!), the Empire joins together in celebrating twenty years of growth, sucess, and entertainment. Look for special events, features and releases in celebration of this momentous event, including the unveiling of an Aerican Empire Novelty Passport and details regarding the upcoming Imperial Convention in Montreal, Canada.

Holidays and Niftydays:

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