Imperial Information Desk
Issue 100
New Citizens Welcomed [April 27]
Aerica Welcomes Nicholas Aurelius, Lucifer_Sage, Kyle Mytruk, Craig Nunn, Lekan, Adesuji Adeleke Hezekiah, Quentin, Grant Goodman, Helena Shauben, Steaphan Daibhidh Acarson, Xhena the warrior princess, Pai Mei, Enrique Ortiz, Katherine Brender, Jeremy Ko, Rita, Baruch Shmuel, Alich, Fadi Jaber, Rafi the Great, Shai Agmon, Carlito, Adir Zaguri, Meow03, The Prince of Music, and Mark Shifrin.

New Article [April 24]
The Israeli website Ynet News has produced an article featuring the Empire. It will be added to the museum, along with an English translation, as soon as possible.

Video Contest [April 1]
The 2007 Video Contest is over. The winner is Ravengirl's Recruiting Video. Congratulations! Prizes will be awarded as soon as possible.

Holidays and Niftydays:

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