Imperial Information Desk
Issue 10
New citizens:
Aerican welcomes Citizen ArchAngel, hee-hee, Erich T. Arzrauch and GanupChild.

SPUM Constitution Amended!
After months of work, the constitution of the SPUM has been replaced with a new version written by the Aerican delegates, and replacing the one which had produced the imbalace of power in the organization. Asked to comment on the matter, officials with the DFM said only that they made the mistake once of overlooking something in a treaty, and wouldn't make the same mistake again.

LOSS Membership Granted
When the Emperor asked Davre Rath to become the delegate to the LOSS last year, he specified that they were to only get observer status, and consequently asked the delegates of the LOSS to vote against their full membership. In recent months, however, the status of the diplomatic policy changed, and full membership was sought. Following negotiations and voting among the members, the Aerican Empire was the subject of a new vote and was admitted into the LOSS with full membership.

Holidays and Niftydays:

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