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Mars Colony is a territory of the Aerican Empire, a micronation which operates out of Montreal, Canada and which holds territories both factual and fictional. Since 1987, the Aerican Empire has been a thriving community of people brought together by similar world-views and ways of thinking, with people coming from nearly every country and culture to help the Empire grow and thrive. In few of the Empire's colonies has this diversity and creativity been more apparent than Mars Colony.

Founded on July 9, 1998, Mars Colony has consistently been one of the Empire's most populous territories. It has been home to Senators, Chief Justices, Ministers, artists, poets, politicians, scientists, and people from every walk of life within the Empire. While other colonies have come and gone, Mars Colony remains a strong and proud territory, home to some of the first citizens to ever join the Empire.

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Hall of Great Citizens
Legality and Reality

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