The Hall of Great Citizens is an important part of any tour of Mars Colony. As the Empire's first colony, Mars Colony has been (and continues to be) home to some of the Empire's first and greatest citizens. Over the years, many of those citizens have been lost, and so this memorial was built in their honour. Mars Colony Remembers.

The Mighty InVaDeR
Also known simply as "Jeremy," The Mighty InVaDeR joined the Empire in its very first months online. Instrumental in early expansion of the website's content and formative in helping the government to adapt long-held offline policies to the different dynamics of the Internet, The Mighty InVaDeR proved to be a priceless member of the Empire for many years. In addition to his many other contributions, The Mighty InVaDeR was among the first of Mars Colony's Senators.

Amy Malzahn
Amy Malzahn joined the Empire in early 2001 and was immediately hailed as a welcome addition to the thriving Mars Colony. Among her other contributions to the Empire, which included a term in the Senate and a period of impressive activity on the mailing list, Amy was instrumental in creating a new branch of the Ministry of Silly Things, the Office of Balloon Animals, presided over by herself as the Secretary of Balloon Doggies. Such was Amy's influence that her office remains active to this day, though the chairperson's title has been changed to the Princess of Balloon Duckies.