Intermicronational activity is among the cornerstones of micronationalism, and the Empire welcomes contact with any and all states, whether they are soverign states, political excercises, simulations, or games. However, because of the Empire's own status as an aspiring state and nation, the Empire follows a strict diplomatic policy as to which states it will and will not recognise. For a variety of reasons, this page lists only micronations with which we have had mutual contact and diplomatic relations. The Empire recognizes all states on two conditions: recognition is reciprocated, and an applicant fits the criteria of the Aerican Diplomatic Policy.

The Empire does not divide its contacts up into ranks, as do many micronations and macrostates. While the Empire could list states under categories such as "most favoured ally" or "restricted diplomatic contact," the Empire prefers to publicly hold all of its allies as being equal and of equal importance.

At any given time, some of the links on this page may not function. The Empire does not hold itself responsible for verifying that offsite links function. Even if a state is listed here but its webpage, or indeed the state itself, no longer exists, this does not change the fact that they have been or were once recognised, and so merit inclusion on this page.

To apply for diplomatic recognition, use the Contact Us form available via the left-hand menu bar.

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Full Diplomatic Recognition:

Principality of Aigues-Mortes

Free Republic of Alcatraz


Anglestonian-Pecunian Commonwealth

Republic of Avineska

Princedom of Aysellant


North Barchant

Principauté de Bérémagne

Tsalojdom of Birgeshir

United Empire of Bluesia

Dominion of British West Florida

Commonwealth of Dracul

Grand Republic of Cycoldia

Socialist Republic of Deerfield

Parliamentary Monarchy of Duckionary

Banana Republic of Egan

República de Estuardo

Principauté de Ferthroy

Metropolitan Electorate of Fidelis


The Empire of Gordjan
Treaty of friendship and mutual recognition

Great Chi Empire

Principality of Hashima

Principality of Hélianthis
See the treaty of mutual recognition



L'Empire Iroisien

Kingdom of Jupiter and Greater Territories

Jusin Republic

Empire of Lehmark

Republic of Mania

The Marston Commune

Kingdom of Midgard

New Lacedaemonia

New Rizalia



Republic of Nordica

Principality of Novum Angliae

Kingdom of Numenor


Ossirian Empire

Empire of Pacem

Principality of islet Pontinha

Principality of Posaf


Republic of Rino Island

Grand Duchy of Sililand

République de Sirkali


Sovereign Military Roman Hadrian Order


The Syurdian Empire

Nation of Terrexa

Empire of Thrace

Principality of Vandewal

Virtuan Republic

State of Vishwamitra

Principality of Woodlandia

Conditional Diplomatic Recognition
Nations listed here meet all requirements for diplomatic recognition, but have not yet reached six months of active independence. Nations may be listed here even though they have reached the minimum age; this is because they have not contacted us specifically, and so have not been upgraded.

Socialist Republic of Bretagne

The League

Myrotanian Empire

Naturland Democratic Republic


Previously recognised, possibly defunct states:
Most micronations are transitory in the extreme, many with lifespans of less than a year, some with lifespans of only some few days. States listed below have been previously recognised but for whatever reason -- no apparent activity updated in ten years, website vanished, contact emails now bouncing -- their recognition has been suspended. If you represent one of these states, please contact us and we will update our records.

Socialist Federal Republic of Acadame North


The Empire of Arabacus

Free and Respected State of Ariana

The Republic of Atlantis

Most Serene Empire of Azzurria

Independent Union of Barastan

The Bluer Nation

Royal National States of Braulio

Sovereign Dominion of Brightfield

Clandestine State of Brummagem

Banana Republic of Can Orlantrix

República de Cartago

Cisalpine Republic



The Deltan Imperium



The Republic of Elysium

Republic of Eniarku

The Republic of Eslo
Eslonian Embassy to Aerica
Treaty of Dual Citizenship


The Democratic Duchy of Francisville

Sultanate of Freelonia

Federal Republic of Hasanistan

Honest Tea Nation

The Empire of Iridia


Republic of Kaleido

The Cordial Kingdom of Kelterspruf

Great United Kiseean Kingdom
Treaty of mutual recognition and cooperation between Kiseenia and the Empire

The Nation of Lamia


The Empire of Leblandia

Democratic Republic of Leylandiistan


Principality of Lochaber

Republic of Markland

Tsardom of Monovia

Muddywater Republic

The Sovereign Natopian Empire

United Kingdom of Nautica
Treaty of recognition between the Empire and Nautica


Khanate of Nedland

The New Ottoman Empire

New Roman Empire

New Roomadia

New Worcester Kingdom

Federal Republic of Niclogia

Kingdom Of Nordesia

Principality of Optima

The Empire of Ozarkia

Free Community of Pasargada
See the Treaty of Amity and Cooperation
See the Friendship Agreement


The Kingdom of Playland

Treaty of Mutual Recognition, Friendship, Co-operation and Peace

Res Publica SPQR
Treaty of recognition between the Empire and Res Publica SPQR

Kingdom of Riboalte

Archduchy of Scotia

The Septimontian Republic

Socialist Imperium

Republic of Spolborga


Republic of Sterkgesa

The People's Republic of Steve

Kingdom of Teraso

United Federation of Thag


Kingdom of the United Islands






Kingdom Of Yadra

The Aerican Empire extends full recognition to all full member nations with whom it shares membership in one or more international organizations, on the condition that they recognize us as well. This special recognition does not apply to observer members of these organizations. If one of these nations is not listed above, they fall under this special recognition category.

At this time, the Empire is not a member of any international organization.

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