A catch-all term for any faiths which organize vast, world-wide activities and beliefs patterns is "organized religion." This implies that there is organization to the faith: rules are set down, people in different areas practice their faith similarly, a common high body may regulate the faithful's activities, and in many ways there is structure and schedule to the religion.

In contrast, a disorganized religion is unstructured. Rather then enforcing a strict system of daily prayers and yearly rituals, a loose code is set up from which worshippers are expected to build their own beliefs based on the amount and seriousness of worship that they feel is appropriate. No two worshippers will follow exactly the same ritual when not in one of the infrequent group ceremonies. There are countless disorganized religions in the world, including most pagan/neopagan paths such as modern Wicca and Druidism. Silinism is a disorganized faith because it enforces few if any common beliefs or practices, and while there are reference writings from which practitioners may draw inspiration, it is rare to find two faithful who practice (or even believe) precisely the same way. In the case of Silinism, numerous rituals and prayers exist, but rarely do more than a handful of Silinists follow any given one, and there may be vastly different structures to or principles behind apparently similar rituals.

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