Censuses of the Empire have shown consistently that a large percentage of the population is made up of gamers, individuals who enthusiastically and regularly engage in roleplaying games as a social activity. Whether they play such ancient and famed games as Dungeons and Dragons or home-brewed game systems, these individuals enjoy few things more than getting around a table with a group of friends and spending an evening acting the roles of characters, rolling dice, and generally treating reality as just another small inconvenience for an evening.

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Because such a high proportion of Imperial citizens are gamers, in late 2003, a society was formed to help connect, coordinate, and entertain these citizens. Known variously over the years as the Aerican International Gaming Society, the Aerican Gaming Society, the Imps Gaming Club and the Council of Silinist Gamers, the Aerican Empire's Gaming Interest Society (AEGIS) exists to provide new and different gaming opportunities to citizens of the Empire and any non-citizen who has an interest in such activities. AEGIS works closely with several gaming societies around the world, primarily clubs located at various universities.

AEGIS' primary activity is organizing the Empire-wide gaming event held every year on December 29th, Game Day. Since its founding in 2003, AEGIS has organized several successful events:

Other activities organized by AEGIS include small gaming conventions for citizens who live near each other, procurement of articles from old gaming magazines, and creation of one-shot storylines, scenarios, and plots for individuals who would like to add to their games either the flavour of the Empire or the sort of humour favoured by citizens. AEGIS has additionally funded the purchase and painting of miniatures with Aerican themes, which are stored in the museum at the Aerican Embassy to Everything Else and procures roleplaying sourcebooks for interested players where possible.

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