The History of The People of Verden
      There was a time where the people of the illustrious colony of Verden were not a free people. They lived under the oppressive government of a Star System named Starwene. The system joined the Great and Mighty Aerican Empire, but continued to treat its citizens, especially its male ones, with contempt, and forced them into a type of slavery. With the help of a few Gurlians (female members of Starwene), certain male citizens(or P.E.T.s) decided to revolt against the corrupt government.
         Unfortunately, these citizens did not have the power, or the opportunity, to revolt. The Emperor of the Aerican Empire got wind of the ill treatment of the citizens by the former senators, who for now shall remain nameless. The senators were lost in "The Great Culling," and for the heinous crime of inactivity, were forever banished from the Empire (or until they decided to apply again for citizenship, whichever came first). At this point, the citizens of Starwene became very worried. They did not want to give up their citizenship to the Aerican Empire, and saw no solution to this problem...
       All of this occurred around the time of the formation of the Figurehead royal family of Aerica in 2001. Some Starwenians got an idea. If they were members of the Royal Family, they would have enough non-power to stay in the Empire and allow those who wanted to stay, to stay as well. Four of these citizens, behind the backs of the former senators, ran for positions in the Royal Family. Henry VIII became the king of the Empire, to rule with all the power he didn't have. Ravengirl was knighted, became second-in-command of the very powerful Order of the Rose, Knights of the Aerican Empire. Shaggy was also knighted, and rose to become the Duke of Hazzard. Darth Nicolai, not wanting to be excluded, became the all-un-mighty wizard of the Empire. And so the plan was in place.
      Of course, the Queens of Starwene discovered this ploy of desertion, and enlisted the help of the Southern Plutopians to force these rogue citizens back onto Starwene, but it was too late. Henry VIII, with his new found kingship, and Ravengirl, with her position in the Order of the Rose, enlisted the help of the said order to help them fight for their freedom. It was a short, concise battle, with no casualties on either side. The citizens, with help from the Aerican Empire, managed to defeat the combined forces of Starwene and Southern Plutopia.
      The newly freed population of Starwene felt that they no longer wanted to be associated with their former planet, and so went off in search of a new, greater planet -- the Aerican Empire deserved nothing but the best. After many minutes of searching through the dictionaries and the stars for cool names and planets, the newly elected senators Shaggy and Darth Nicolai found a lush green system and a name to their liking. The name was "Verden," meaning "Green Planet" or "Garden Planet", and the senators felt that this was a great name for their new home. Indeed, it did descibe Verden, as it was a large planet, densly covered by plantlife.
       A referendum was held in 2001 to decide whether or not the name Verden would truly be accepted, but this referendum was a bust. There was a voter turnout of a mere 22%, which truly disappointed the senators. The results of the vote were inconclusive, and so the Senators did what they felt was best for the citizens of the Colony: they named it Verden.
       And so this is the story of how Verden came to be a colony of the great Aerican Empire, and the brave exploits of those 13 original colonists: Cypris the Jester, Queen Marie-Helene, Lady Ravengirl, King Henry VIII, PreciousJeni, Waffle, K3, Kurt Angle, Necromancer, Crash, Sir Snuffy, Sir Shaggy, and Darth Nicolai.