What is
Topin Wagglegammon?

Topin Wagglegammon is a niftyday (which is just like a holiday except that, being non-religious, there's nothing holy about it) which falls on October 26th each year. Topin Wagglegammon is a day for celebrating three things: silliness, friends, and the good-natured humour which comes from those being combined. On Topin Wagglegammon, we try to show our appreciation for laughter, fod the company of the people we care about, and for the simple pleasures of a bit of music and a cup of tea. Topin Wagglegammon does not venerate any particular god, philosophy, culture, or socioeconomic group except for the fact that its celebration requires a sense of humour and an acceptance of the happiness that can come from having a small amount of confusion and chaos in our lives. As a celebration of niftiness, Topin Wagglegammon is often known as The Niftiest Day of the Year.

Topin Wagglegammon has been celebrated in many different ways. Because the day is a celebration of individuality, every person is expected to celebrate in their own way where possible, and furthermore, the only constant rule is that it must never be celebrated twice the same way (at least, not two years in a row). Still, certain recurring themes have been found to show up again and again over the years, and Topin Wagglegammon parties tend to feature singing, storytelling, games, cookies, tea, and plush toys. While none of these elements are required to celebrate Topin Wagglegammon, the sorts of people who might be inclined to celebrate Topin Wagglegammon tend to be the sort who celebrate every holiday with cookies and tea to some extent.

All holidays and most niftydays exist to commemorate some special event, individual, or concept. Indeed, it is unusual to find a named day which does not have some deep meaning behind it. Topin Wagglegammon is that unusual day. Topin Wagglegammon does not commemorate anything happening or anyone being born; while there have been significant historical events on October 26th, they have nothing to do with Topin Wagglegammon whatsoever. Topin Wagglegammon commemorates only one thing: itself. It is a day entirely devoid of meaning, save for meaning which the celebrant gives it. In this way, it has been called the most meaningless of all days, but it has also been called one of the most meaningful.

One important feature of Topin Wagglegammon is that its name must always be said and written in the full form; it is highly frowned upon to shorten it or to refer to it by an acronym. The reason behind this tradition is simply that the very name "Topin Wagglegammon" was adopted because it was found, by the day's originators, to be incredibly fun to say. As such, shortening the day's name to anything else would seem to defeat the purpose. On the other hand, since Topin Wagglegammon is a day in which we accept that everyone has different tastes, this tradition is only binding to anyone who chooses to be bound by it, and indeed, Topin Wagglegammon has been celebrated under various other names which individual people found even more fun to say.

Topin Wagglegammon

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